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Dr. Marcia Kieliszewski

Marcia Kieliszewski received her Ph. D. in 1989 from our Department. Her thesis work focused on the isolation and characterization of extensins from the graminaceous monocot, Zea mays, in the laboratory of Dr. Derek Lamport, Biochemistry and Plant Research Laboratory faculty member. Currently an Associate Professor in the Ohio University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Dr. Kieliszewski's laboratory has also pioneered the generation of synthetic gene analogs of HRGPs. This approach exploits the intrinsic periodicity of HRGPs, which allowed the engineering of simple HGRPs containing only a single type of repetitive peptide (glycomodule). In addition to her research publications, she holds three patents for the production of synthetic HRGPs and plant gums. Currently an Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Ohio University, Kieliszewski has served the scientific community as a reviewer for journals and grant panels of the National Science Foundation, U. S. Department of Agriculture, and Department of Energy; as well as the Biological and Biotechnology Science Research Council of the United Kingdom.