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Paul Fiesel - Student Profile

Photo of Paul
Student profile: Paul Fiesel 
Position: BMB graduate student 

Year in BMB program: 5th year

Lab: Rob Last

Where are you from?: Rochester, MN

Alma mater: University of Minnesota 

Research topic: 
“I study the biosynthesis and evolution of trichome-produced defense molecules in the nightshade family.” 

Possible career plans: 
“I am interested in working in industry where I can apply basic research and new techniques to improve small molecule production.”

Fun fact or two about you: 
“I enjoy being active outdoors by walking, biking, running, hiking, etc. I also enjoy cooking, particularly hispanic and levantine recipes.”  

Mailing Address

Biochemistry Building
603 Wilson Road, Rm 212
East Lansing, MI 48824

Main Phone:

(517) 355-1600


(517) 353-9334