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2021-22 Graduate School Funding Opportunities

2021-22 The Graduate School Funding Opportunities

Hazel and Karen Kiser Scholarship Fund for Returning Adult Students

Selection Criteria: Adult students with dependents who have experienced divorce or the loss of a spouse and are returning to Michigan State University to pursue an advanced degree. Student must be enrolled for Spring 2022.

2021-22 Total Amount: $3,200; can be split between students. GAADs – Please notify the Graduate School (senradhi@msu.edu) if you have a potential recipient by December 5, 2021.
Information needed: Student’s Name, number of dependents, and a paragraph describing the student’s academic standing and suitability for the award. 


Carol and Michael LeMense Family Endowed Graduate Fellowship

Selection Criteria: Graduate student who graduated from a US public high school and demonstrated academic excellence in their undergraduate studies. Applicants may be pursuing a degree in the following disciplines:

  • Education: preference to be given to those who currently teach S.T.E.M subjects (i.e. classroom teachers returning for a Masters or PhD)
  • Healthcare: this includes students in healthcare related fields, i.e., medical, nursing, pharmacy, and public health.
  • Engineering: students who are pursuing an advanced degree in bioengineering.

Electronic application form will be available at https://grad.msu.edu/lemense by October 15, 2021; Application due November 15, 2021

One award is available for 2021-22: $2,500.


Barbara Stewart Thomas and Jim Thomas Graduate Fellowship

Selection Criteria: Graduate students with preference given to non-traditional graduate students. Recipients should demonstrate their commitment to fighting society’s “isms” – including sexism, racism, and ageism – and their motivation to seek opportunities to further their own intellectual progress and the cause social justice. Student must be enrolled for Spring Semester 2022. 

Electronic application form will be available at https://grad.msu.edu/thomas by October 15, 2021; Application due November 15, 2021

2021-2022 Spending Amount: $1,300.


COGS Disciplinary Leadership Award

Eligibility and description of the program: Graduate students regularly (not provisional or lifelong) enrolled in a graduate or grad-professional program (not a certificate program only) at MSU and who are in good standing in their programs may apply. Faculty or others are encouraged to nominate a graduate student. Students must be enrolled for the minimum credits to be in full-time status or provide a justification for less than full-time status.

Consideration will be given to students who have clearly demonstrated leadership in their respective disciplines and/or professional societies at the local, state, regional, national, or international levels while a student at MSU.

Electronic application form will be available at https://grad.msu.edu/cogs by October 15, 2021; Application due November 15, 2021

2021-22 Spending Amount: $1,000 each for 5 students (subject to change- more $/# may be awarded if available)

For additional information see https://grad.msu.edu/msu-graduate-school-fellowships or contact Radhika Sen at senradhi@msu.edu


Additional Fellowships listed at https://grad.msu.edu/msu-graduate-school-fellowships