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Ever wonder about BCH cooling towers?

Do you ever wonder about the BCH cooling towers? I do, so I recently asked our awesome resident experts Nichole Daly and Ron Norris.  Below is what I found out.

What brand is it?
The new unit is made by Baltimore Aircoil International

How much does it weigh?
          ~12000 lbs

How much did it cost (or is this confidential)?
          ~ $200K for the unit

What is the cost of the whole project (or is this confidential)?
          The project budget was 445 thousand

Where was it made?
          7600 Dorsey Run Rd, Jessup, MD 20794

What exactly does a cooling tower do?
          Removes the heat load of the cold room compressors, growth chambers and liebert units

How long is the new unit expected to last?
          20 years

How long did the previous unit last?
          1st lasted ~20yrs
          2nd lasted ~17yrs
          This new one is suppose to last 20 years or more

What was the brand of the previous unit?
          RECOLD (Probable out of the business by now, can’t find them on the website)

Were there any problems with the installation (besides not having the correct harnessing equipment)?
          Many…but it is up and running properly we are adjusting the conductivity levels

What exactly are they doing over the next 3 weeks?
          Going to keep our eye on it and if it’s running properly for a while (with no problems) we are going to do our commissioning (close out the project)

What else do you find interesting about the whole process?
          New units come with a lot more electronic sensing devises