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Biochemistry BuildingĀ Research Reactivation (Phase 1)



In a nutshell, laboratories can accommodate a safe eating space in each lab as long as it is an enclosed space (e.g., office) and it is used by one person at a time with the door closed. Each laboratory can install a mechanism to make this happen under the guidelines of each lab (including sanitation). In the event that the lab cannot accommodate the need of one or more members, BCH is making three rooms available for this: BCH208A, BCH302A and BCH 402A. Each of these rooms is now equipped with a microwave and with sanitizing stations, in addition to a vacant/occupied sign at the entrance. Each room allows only one person at a time, and a sign-up sheet is provided at BCH208A, BCH302A and BCH 402A Lunchroom Sign-up Sheet

 It should be clear that these rooms are solely for the purpose of eating, and not for studying or working on the computer. Misuse of these rooms will result in them being locked again.



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