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Travel Suspension Extended Indefinitely

May 13, 2020


Due to ongoing health and safety concerns as well as budgetary constraints, the suspension of all university-sponsored travel is extended indefinitely. This includes new travel as well as any currently booked trips. 

No waivers are being given for international travel.  A waiver is required for domestic business essential travel; it can only be granted by the provost, a vice president or the president through the following form and must be approved before a trip begins. In-state travel is permitted to perform one’s essential job duties, but also requires a waiver. Non-essential in-state travel to state conferences or other gatherings should not occur.

If you have upcoming travel planned through June 30, it is strongly recommended that you cancel your reservations and seek refunds.  You will also want to Cancel approved Requests to travel in Concur.  Please do so at your earliest convenience.  For those who registered their international travel in the Global Travel Registry, we also request that you or your travel arranger cancel any international travel in the Global Travel Registry, or send an email to the Office of International Health and Safety (OIHS) at requesting that your trip be deleted. 

Action is required if you have any MSU Agency Card (billed airfare/rail) transactions:  You or your travel arranger are requested to file an Expense Report so that this expense is charged to an MSU account.  Reference guides are available in the Reference Library on the Travel@State website.  If you need further assistance, please contact

Wishing you and yours good health!

Debbie Gulliver

University Travel Manager

Michigan State University

(517) 355.0343