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Voices of Color Flyer - Game Night December 18, 2020

Voices of Color Game Night December 18 2020

Accessibility Enhanced Flyer Caption
On the right half of the flyer, there are white pixelated clouds and stars above green pixelated hills. White text on the left reads: “Biochemistry and Molecular Biology DEI committee present VOC Game Night." The event description below says “A community event for graduate students of color in STEM. Join us for a night of jack box games. (Computer and personal device recommended). December 18th, 7 PM. RSVP to participate: https//tinyurl.com/VOCGameNight”. White text against a green background reads "For questions and/or accommodations, please contact Aiko Turmo (turmoaik@msu.edu) or Summer Blanco (blancosu@msu.edu).”