Conference Room Scheduling

To schedule reservations for BMB conference rooms, please use the Spartan Mail calendar system. Reservations can be made or viewed using the Outlook application. At this time, not all users are able to make reservations, though they can be views. Contact Steve Lundback with your reservation details if this is the case for you. Please see the instructions below for adding calendars to Outlook. The conference room calendars are named:


Outlook 2016

To access a calendar through an Outlook desktop client, open the Home menu group in the calendar section. Next, click on Open Calendar and Address Book. In the pop-up, make sure Global Address List is selected in the Address Book pull-down menu. Make sure Name only is selected for the search box, then type in the name of the calendar you are looking for. The list will be filtered as you type. Double click on the name of the calendar you want to add in the list and that should add it to the Calendar -> box at the bottom of the window. Click OK to add the calendar. To see the calendars you have available, open the left menu sidebar by clicking the arrow at the top.

Office 365 Online

To access one of the conference room calendars through Office 365, login to Spartan Mail ( Open Outlook and click on the calendar icon at the bottom left of your screen. From here, instructions vary depending on if you are using Classic or The New Outlook display. Diplay styles can be toggled in the upper right corner.

The New Outlook

Click on Discover calendars in the left menu sidebar. In the pop-up under Import calendar, select From directory. Type in the calendar name you want to add; it should autocomplete to the calendar you are looking for. Click Add after selecting the calendar to add. You can view the calendar entries by selecting the calendar entry in your left sidebar menu.

Classic Outlook

Click on the Add calendar dropdown menu in the top menu bar. Choose From directory. Type in the calendary you would like to add. The text field will autocomplete as you type. Select the calendar you want to add. The calendar will be added to your left sidebar list.

For questions about using the conference room scheduling system, please contact Steve Lundback at, or Ashley Parks at