Department Policies

Welcome to the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Michigan State University
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
603 Wilson Road, Room 212
East Lansing, MI 48824-1319
Office: (517) 355-1600
Fax: (517) 353-9334

Chairperson: Thomas D. Sharkey
Associate Chairperson: R. William Henry
Graduate Director: Jon M. Kaguni
Undergraduate Director: To be determined

The BMB Department employs office staff, computer techs, mechanics and student employees to assist you.

Name Title Location Phone Email
Deanna Ely BMB Research Store Manager 110A BCH (517) 353-0813 
Staci Howard Administrative Assistant 212 BCH (517) 432-9895
Bernadette Lake ULAR Animal Facility Manager 3 BCH (517) 884-0301
Jessica Lawrence Graduate Secretary 106 BCH (517) 353-0807
Steve Lundback BMB Web Administrator 212 BCH (517) 353-7751
Sierra Matthews Purchasing Agent 212 BCH (517) 353-3949
Ron Norris Building Maintenance 114 BCH (517) 353-3949
Lesley Reed Personnel 212B BCH (517) 355-8501
Pat Ungren Accountant 212D BCH (517) 353-3917
Mary Villarreal Undergraduate Secretary 105A BCH (517) 353-8949
William C. Yang Department Manager 212 BCH (517) 355-3180

The following services are offered by the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department and MSU.

Vehicle Registration:

Regular faculty, staff and graduate assistants are required to register their personal vehicles to be allowed to park on campus. For new employees, car registration will be taken care of during the orientation session. Renewal registration may be handled on-line or by going to the Public Safety office with your car registration and proof of MSU employment (appointment papers or MSU ID card). If you need to drive a non-registered vehicle while yours is unavailable, you may go to the Public Safety Office and they will issue you a temporary permit. For questions call Public Safety at 5-8440.

Building Security:

The building hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. The building is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. If you need access to the building outside of the regular hours .... It is against University security policy to allow access to the building by leaving a door unlocked.


All faculty, regular staff members, and students of MSU are assigned an MSU Net ID and an e-mail account. Click for information about activating MSU NetID account. The office maintains a listserv of graduate students, research associates and faculty.

BMB Listserv Signup:

  • BMB Seminar - Recieve updates of seminars offered by the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.
  • BMB Building - Recieve updates specific to those working in the Biochemistry Building.
  • BMB MSU Campus - Recieve updates on requests from across the campus.

Fax Machine:

The fax machine in Room 212 is available for department use. The fax number is (517) 353-9334. You will need your PI code to send out faxes.

General Office Assistance:

The Department employs at least two student employees in the Fall and Spring semesters. The students are available to run errands, do class copying, deliver packages, etc. If you need help from a student employee please contact the main office.

Identification Cards:

ID cards are needed to obtain building and parking access,to check books out of the University Library, to obtain discounts on University athletic events, meal plans, and to utilize the intramural sports and recreational facilities. You will be issued an ID card at your university orientation meeting. If it is lost or stolen you may obtain a duplicate at the Computer Center, Room 405.


Sierra Matthews is responsible for issuing keys to faculty, staff and students. A $5 refundable deposit is required.

Mail Service:

Faculty mailboxes are located in the hall outside the main office.

  • Pre-stamped mail: Any mail, personal or business that has postage paid is picked up directly by U.S. mail carrier at 1:15 p.m.
  • Campus mail: Any mail that is directed to another department on campus can be sent via campus mail. It is picked up twice daily and must be in the mail basket by 8:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.
  • Federal Express: Anything sent via Federal Express needs to be in the BMB Office Room 212 no later than 3:00 p.m. for same day pick-up.  Please fill out and print this form to bring with you when sending your package.

Lab Safety: (ORCBS)

Lab safety is the responsibility of the PI in the lab. Most of the necessary training for handling hazardous material is accessible on-line at the Office of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety. If an employee is working with recombinant DNA or radiation they must attend training sessions at the ORCBS office. Please contact ORCBS at 5-0153.

Helping Distressed Students:

Visit the Counciling Center for assistance

University students may experience a great deal of stress during the course of their academic experiences. While most students cope successfully with the challenges these years bring, some students find the various pressures of life unmanageable or unbearable. As faculty members, teaching assistants, and other staff, you may encounter distressed students in your office or your classrooms. Many of these students have not sought counseling and may be unaware of the services available to them. Your role could be a positive and crucial one in identifying students who are in distress and assisting them to find the resources available to help themselves.

There may be a time a student communicates to you through email, phone or in person and signals that they could do harm to themselves or to others. In these situations, or whenever you have a concern about a student’s communication to you, do not hesitate to forward that student’s information to:

Debra Dotterer, Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs