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Book - Evolution Since Coding

Book cover

My book, Evolution Since Coding, updates the story of genesis, told from an evolutionary point of view. The book is accessible to a broad audience. I stress code breaking in interpretation of ~4 billion year old protein and RNA motifs. The ancient codes are so dumb, even scientists could break them, but, perhaps, the stark simplicity of the codes has not been widely acknowledged. Because the earth is only ~4.6 billion years old, ~4 billion year old motifs and codes now can be collected as antiquities, and I show how to do this. Motifs and codes are best visualized and appreciated by learning molecular graphics software, which is about as complicated as an online computer game.

The core story of genesis requires explanation of RNA synthesis and protein synthesis. The story of RNA synthesis is a story of RNA polymerases, promoters and general transcription factors. The story of protein synthesis is a story of the evolution of transfer RNA, the ribosome and the genetic code.

The story of evolution of cellular life is the story of the RNA-protein world progressing to LUCA (the last universal cellular common ancestor) and DNA genomes. LUCA diverges to archaea and bacteria. Archaea and bacteria then fuse to form eukaryotes. The complexity of eukaryotes is explained from their tortured path of evolution.

Models are advanced to explain each transition.

I present a surprisingly simple and conceptual story of the evolution of life on earth since coding.

Simple codes