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Biochemistry 472

BCH 472: A laboratory course in recombinant DNA techniques

Biochemistry 472 was developed by Dr. Zachary F. Burton and Dr. Jon M. Kaguni who have also co-authored a textbook based on the experiments used in this course. The text is entitled Experiments in Molecular Biology: Biochemical Applications, and it was published by Academic Press (now out of print but still in use). The purpose of the course is to give an intensive and rigorous experience to undergraduates in recombinant DNA laboratory techniques, and to augment the laboratory experience with related theoretical material. One goal of the course is to prepare gifted and highly motivated students for graduate study in biochemistry or a related field. This course is taught by Dr. Burton, Dr. Beronda Montgomery, Dr.Erik Martinez-Hackert, Dr. Kathleen Foley and Dr. Neil R. Bowlby in the Fall Semester.