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Edian Andres Herrera Tequia

Edian Andres Herrera Tequia


Position: Visiting Scholar

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Professional interests and goals: Before joining the Grotewold lab as a Visiting Scholar and during my master's degree, I was focused on the molecular and biochemical characterization of two NAD+-dependent deacetylases (Sirtuins) from the human parasite Giardia Lamblia. At that time, my work sought to understand the role of those proteins during the propagative cell-development (cysts) in that protozoan. Now, at MSU, I continue exploring science and I am working on basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors (bHLHs) from Maize. My work is mainly focused on how small molecules can modulate the bHLH interaction with its DNA target and regulate gene expression. 

General interests: During my free time, I am passionate about photography and birding.