Current Research

The research in my laboratory is mainly in the area of protein biochemistry focusing on protein structure, function, and dynamics with applications to protein engineering and structure-based drug design. We study protein biochemistry from both structural and functional perspectives. Thus, a multidisciplinary approach, including molecular genetic, biochemical, bio-organic, biophysical, and computational methods, has been employed in our research. The main structural technique is multidimensional NMR spectroscopy, the most powerful spectroscopic technique that can be used not only to determine the three-dimensional structures of proteins but also to elucidate their chemical and dynamic properties in solution at atomic resolution. The thrust of our research is to understand the relationships between structure, function, and dynamics in enzymes, particularly enzymes in the folate biosynthetic pathway and nucleotide metabolism, because these enzymes are not only good model systems for addressing the important biochemical issues that we are interested in but also of great medical significance.