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  1. Affinity purification
  2. Agrobacterium Transformation and Competent Cell Preparation
  3. Antibody labelling
  4. Arabidopsis FW, DW to Area Conversion
  5. Bacterial Transformation and Plasmid Prep
  6. Bradford Assay
  7. Calculating Isoprene in Liquid Phase
  8. Calculating Plant Isoprene from FIS Data
  9. Calculating Total Isoprene In Gas and Liquid Phase
  10. Carbo Assay Plate Reader
  11. Carbo Assay Spec
  12. Chemical fixation
  13. Competent Cell generation and transformation
  14. Denaturing Reduced Protein Gels, Coomassie Staining, and Western Blot
  15. DMADP assay
  16. DNA Extraction (Qiagen Kit)
  17. DNA Extraction
  18. DNA Gels
  19. DNA or PCR Cleanup Kit Promega
  20. DNase Treatment using RQ1 (Promega)
  21. DXP Assay
  22. E. coli Filter Paper Blots for Shipping Strains
  23. Estimating Bacterial Cytosol Volume based on OD, Dry Weight or Wet Weight
  24. Flow meter calibration
  25. Freeze drying
  26. Gas exchange
  27. Glass knives
  28. Growth Media
  29. H2O2Assay (Amplex Red)
  30. His-tagged Protein Purification with Protease Inhibitor
  31. Ion exchange chromatography
  32. kcat
  33. Kramer spec -determination of deconvolution formula
  34. LB Plates and Liquid
  35. Lipid Extraction
  36. Lowry Protein Assay
  37. Malate Dehydrogenase Assay
  38. Mass spectrometry
  39. Microwave-assisted sample preparation for TEM
  40. Miracle-Gro Instructions
  41. PCR High Fidelity
  42. PCR
  43. PEPCase Assay without Radioactivity (Cytosol Marker)
  44. Perchloric acid extraction
  45. Phosphate Assay for DMADP Quantification
  46. Potting Arabidopsis
  47. Potting poplar
  48. Primer Design with Primer 3
  49. Protein Extraction from Plant Material for Lowry Assay
  50. qPCR
  51. Restriction Digest, Dephosphorylation, Gel Purification, Ligation
  52. RNA Extraction and cDNA Synthesis
  53. RNA Extraction using off column DNase Treatment
  54. SALK or SAIL tDNA insert lines
  55. Sandwich ELISA protocol -need optimization
  56. Sectioning
  57. Selecting Homozygous Transformed Plants
  58. Sowing Arabidopsis Seeds
  59. Staining grid with uranyl acetate and lead citrate for TEM
  60. TEM
  61. Transforming E.Coli, isolating plasmid and making glycerol stocks
  62. Two-wavelength spec
  63. Western

Thomas D. Sharkey
University Distinguished Professor
Dept. Biochem. Mol. Biol.
Michigan State University
603 Wilson Rd, 201 Biochemistry Bldg.
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