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Financial Assistance

2012-2013: Overview of Financial Assistance for Graduate Students

Stipend and Tuition

All graduate students entering the department are provided financial support. Appointments involve an assistantship that includes an annual stipend and a grant-in-aid that pays all tuition costs.

Health and Dental Benefits

Michigan State University provides full health benefits  to its graduate students at a minimal cost. Students can elect to enroll in a family health coverage plan, for an additional fee, to cover eligible dependents.

MSU also offers a dental plan available to all students.


Information regarding the University dormitory and apartments can be obtained at http://liveon.msu.edu/rates . Typical housing costs range from $663 - $818 per month.

Our students usually choose one of the following options:

  Owen Graduate Dormitory
  University Apartments
  Off-campus apartments


Dissertation Completion Fellowships and Dissertation Continuation Fellowships

Fellowships ($6,000) are available to Ph.D. students to support either writing the dissertation or thesis research.

Travel Funding:

This funding provides partial support to present research at professional conferences and international meetings.

Graduate Student Research Enhancement:

This allocation is to enhance graduate student research, including travel to a workshop, a collaborator’s lab, or attendance at a short course. Funds are also available for projects in the fields of Food, Nutrition and Chronic Disease.

Emergency Fellowship Funding:

This funding is for unexpected expenses, including personal emergencies.