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Ph.D. Program Overview

Required Courses:

Year 1:

BMB 801 Molecular Biology (Fall, 3 credits)
BMB 829 Methods of Macromolecular Analysis and Synthesis (Fall, 2 credits)
BMB 805 Protein Structure, Design, and Mechanism (Spring, 3 credits)
Lab Rotations

After Year 1:

BMB 960/961 (or equivalent) - Graduate course on a special topic involving student presentations. Two courses are required.
BMB 961: Section 2 Instructional Methods in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Students take this course while fulfilling the teaching requirement.
BMB 978 Seminar in Biochemistry (weekly departmental seminars). Usually 1 credit per year; 4 credits total.

Elective Courses: ≥ 2 courses required.
See for course descriptions

BMB 802 Advanced Metabolism and Signal Transduction
BMB 825 Cell Structure and Function
BMB 856 Plant Molecular and Omic Biology
BMB 864 Plant Biochemistry
MMG 801 Integrative Microbial Biology
PLB 812 Plant Genomics
MMG 833 Microbial Molecular Biology
MMG 835 Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics
MMG 851 Immunology
MMG 813 Molecular Virology
MMG 837 Human Molecular Genetics
PHM 820 Cellular and Molecular Integrative Systems Pharmacology and Toxicology
PSL 828 Cellular and Integrative Physiology

TEACHING Students enroll in at least one semester of the BMB 961: Section 2 entitled "Instructional Methods in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology". This requirement is waived for MD/PhD and DO/PhD students.

This exam must be taken no later than one month after the start of the third year.

Most students finish the Ph.D. in year 5.


Journal Clubs and Seminars: