BMB Postdoc Teaching Internship Program (PTIP)

Many postdocs consider careers in academia, where time is split between both research and teaching. Traditionally, the vast majority of postdoctoral fellowships provide support with the purpose of developing laboratory research, but not necessarily teaching skills.

To help prepare postdocs for an academic career, BMB has instituted a program named the “Postdoctoral Teaching Internship Program,” or PTIP. This program is supported by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the Biological Sciences Program, and the Graduate School. PTIP will offer more teaching experience in preparation for an academic career. It will involve planning, developing, and teaching undergraduate courses, attending educational instruction workshops, and developing materials used towards a teaching portfolio.


 Program Guidelines


Jon Kaguni pic
Jon Kaguni

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Kristin Parent


Previous Participants:
Sundari Chodavarapu pic
Sundari Chodavarapu - BS 161

Neil White pic
Neil White - BS 161

Anqi Xing pic
Anqi Xing - BS 161

Stacy Hovde pic
Stacy Hovde - BMB 472

Wei Dong pic
Wei Dong - BMB 472

Grzegorz Ciesielski pic
Grzegorz Ciesielski - BMB 401 online

Sarathi Wijetillake pic
Sarathi Wijetillake - BMB 401

Anne-Sophie Bohrer pic
Anne-Sophie Bohrer - BMB 461