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Trainee Early Career Award for Mentoring in Unexplored Problems, or TEAM-UP is a postdoctoral training program within the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology that seeks to find innovative and efficient ways to initiate collaborations between data-driven research projects within the department.

Funds are available to support (or match support) for up to two researchers (e.g., postdoctoral associates) per year for up to two years to conduct research under the mentorship of a team of two or more BMB faculty, with the objective to generate preliminary results in an area of research relevant to BMB that is not currently funded. Complementary expertise of the mentors that will afford synergistic gains in terms of postdoctoral training is essential.

Applications are due once a year.  The next deadline to apply will be spring 2022.

Link to 2021 RFA

Link to guidelines for external reviewers

Link to funding guidelines

Current awardees









Sarah Percival
Google Scholars Link
Professional interests and goals: My research is in topological data analysis, where I use techniques from the mathematical field of topology to study plant morphology. Additionally, I am interested in algorithmic problems in computational topology and semi-algebraic geometry.   
General interests:  viola, ballet, gymnastics

Beronda Montgomery 
Dan Chitwood 
Arjun Krishnan
Elizabeth Munch

Nisha Jangir
Google Scholars Link
Professional interests and goals: I am interested in studying how to link extracellular electrodes and cytosolic electron carriers in bacteria in order to generate a suitable electrobiochemical system to drive natural pathways in bacteria. My primary research interest is in the area of synthetic biology, especially biocatalysis and protein engineering.    
General interests: I love camping, music, watching movies, and traveling to new places. 

Michaela TerAvest
Bob Hausinger 
Eric Hegg

Previous awardees







Stephanie Hickey
Google Scholars Link
Professional interests and goals: My long-term research goal is to establish an independent, academic research group that combines computational modeling and wet-bench experiments to understand how disease, development, and cellular context alter gene interaction networks.  
General interests: I like gardening, crafting, listening to podcasts, and hanging out with my friends, family, and cats. 

David Arnosti
Jin He
Arjun Krishnan
Amy Ralston






Sakthivel Kailasam
Google Scholars Link
Professional interests and goals: I am interested in studying the intricate mechanisms of nutrient uptake and sensing for extending knowledge about breeding next-generation smarter crops with the long-term career goal to engage with a community that benefits scientific research in plant nutrition and molecular breeding.
General interests: travel 

Jian Hu
Hideki Takahashi

Any questions about the program should be directed to Jeff Mason (masonje6@msu.edu)