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Papers within the last 7 years: 

Rodriguez J, Gomez-Cano L, Grotewold E, de Leon N. (2022) Normalizing and Correcting Variable and Complex LC-MS Metabolomic Data with the R Package pseudoDrift. Metabolites 12: 435. PMID: 35629939

García Navarrete T, Arias C, Mukundi E, Alonso AP, Grotewold E. (2022) Natural variation and improved genome annotation of the emerging biofuel crop field pennycress (Thlaspi arvense). G3 (Bethesda) 12: jkac084. PMID: 35416986

Ding X, Zhang X, Paez-Valencia J, McLoughlin F, Reyes FC, Morohashi K, Grotewold E, Vierstra RD, Otegui MS. (2022) Microautophagy Mediates Vacuolar Delivery of Storage Proteins in Maize Aleurone Cells. Front Plant Sci. 13:833612. PMID: 35251104

Gomez-Cano F, Chu YH, Cruz-Gomez M, Abdullah HM, Lee YS, Schnell DJ, Grotewold E. (2022) Exploring Camelina sativa lipid metabolism regulation by combining gene co-expression and DNA affinity purification analyses. Plant J. 110(2):589-606. PMID: 35064997

Schmitz RJ, Grotewold E, Stam M. (2022) Cis-regulatory sequences in plants: Their importance, discovery, and future challenges. Plant Cell. 34(2):718-741. PMID: 34918159

Moore BM, Lee YS, Wang P, Azodi C, Grotewold E, Shiu SH. (2022) Modeling temporal and hormonal regulation of plant transcriptional response to wounding. Plant Cell. 34(2):867-888. PMID: 34865154

Zhou P, Enders TA, Myers ZA, Magnusson E, Crisp PA, Noshay JM, Gomez-Cano F, Liang Z, Grotewold E, Greenham K, Springer NM. (2022) Prediction of conserved and variable heat and cold stress response in maize using cis-regulatory information. Plant Cell. 34(1):514-534. PMID: 34735005

Jiang N, Dillon FM, Silva A, Gomez-Cano L, Grotewold E. (2021) Corrigendum to "Rhamnose in plants - from biosynthesis to diverse functions" Plant Sci. 307:110897. PMID: 33902856

Lee YS, Herrera-Tequia A, Silwal J, Geiger JH, Grotewold E. (2021) A hydrophobic residue stabilizes dimers of regulatory ACT-like domains in plant basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors. J Biol Chem. 296:100708.  PMID: 33901489

Gomez-Cano F, Carey L, Lucas K, García Navarrete T, Mukundi E, Lundback S, Schnell D, Grotewold E. (2020) CamRegBase: a gene regulation database for the biofuel crop, Camelina sativa. Database (Oxford). 2020:baaa075.  PMID: 33306801

Jiang N, Dillon FM, Silva A, Gomez-Cano L, Grotewold E. (2020) Rhamnose in plants - from biosynthesis to diverse functions. Plant Sci. 302:110687. PMID: 33288005

Jiang N, Gutierrez-Diaz A, Mukundi E, Lee YS, Meyers BC, Otegui MS, Grotewold E. (2020) Author Correction: Synergy between the anthocyanin and RDR6/SGS3/DCL4 siRNA pathways expose hidden features of Arabidopsis carbon metabolism. Nat Commun. 11(1):5276. PMID: 33057182

Yuan L, Grotewold E. (2020) Plant specialized metabolism. Plant Sci. 298:110579. PMID: 32771140

Jiang N, Gutierrez-Diaz A, Mukundi E, Lee YS, Meyers BC, et al. (2020) Synergy between the anthocyanin and RDR6/SGS3/DCL4 siRNA pathways expose hidden features of Arabidopsis carbon metabolism. Nat Commun 11: 2456.  PMID:  32415123

Zhou P, Li Z, Magnusson E, Gomez Cano F, Crisp PA, et al. (2020) Meta gene regulatory networks in maize highlight functionally rrelevant regulatory interactions. Plant Cell 32: 1377-1396.  PMID:  32184350

Jiang N, Lee YS, Mukundi E, Gomez-Cano F, Rivero L, et al. (2020) Diversity of genetic lesions characterizes new Arabidopsis flavonoid pigment mutant alleles from T-DNA collections. Plant Sci 291: 110335.  PMID:  31928687

Gomez-Cano L, Gomez-Cano F, Dillon FM, Alers-Velazquez R, Doseff AI, et al. (2020) Discovery of modules involved in the biosynthesis and regulation of maize phenolic compounds. Plant Sci 291: 110364.  PMID:  31928683

Springer N, de Leon N, Grotewold E (2019) Challenges of translating gene regulatory information into agronomic improvements. Trends Plant Sci 24: 1075-1082.  PMID:  31377174

Kovinich N, Wang Y, Adegboye J, Chanoca AA, Otegui MS, et al. (2018) Arabidopsis MATE45 antagonizes local abscisic acid signaling to mediate development and abiotic stress responses. Plant Direct 2: e00087.  PMID:  31245687

Milutinovic M, Lindsey BE, 3rd, Wijeratne A, Hernandez JM, Grotewold N, et al. (2019) Arabidopsis EMSY-like (EML) histone readers are necessary for post-fertilization seed development, but prevent fertilization-independent seed formation. Plant Sci 285: 99-109.  PMID:  31203898

Jones MA, Morohashi K, Grotewold E, Harmer SL (2019) Arabidopsis JMJD5/JMJ30 acts independently of LUX ARRHYTHMO within the plant circadian clock to enable temperature compensation. Front Plant Sci 10: 57.  PMID:  30774641

Cocuron JC, Casas MI, Yang F, Grotewold E, Alonso AP (2019) Beyond the wall: High-throughput quantification of plant soluble and cell-wall bound phenolics by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. J Chromatogr A 1589: 93-104.  PMID:  30626504


Silva GFF, Silva EM, Correa JPO, Vicente MH, Jiang N, et al. (2019) Tomato floral induction and flower development are orchestrated by the interplay between gibberellin and two unrelated microRNA-controlled modules. New Phytol 221: 1328-1344.  PMID:  30238569

Righini S, Rodriguez EJ, Berosich C, Grotewold E, Casati P, et al. (2019) Apigenin produced by maize flavone synthase I and II protects plants against UV-B-induced damage. Plant Cell Environ 42: 495-508.  PMID:  30160312

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Chanoca A, Burkel B, Kovinich N, Grotewold E, Eliceiri KW, et al. (2016) Using fluorescence lifetime microscopy to study the subcellular localization of anthocyanins. Plant J 88: 895-903.  PMID:  27500780

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Agarwal T, Grotewold E, Doseff AI, Gray J (2016) MYB31/MYB42 syntelogs exhibit divergent regulation of phenylpropanoid genes in maize, sorghum and rice. Sci Rep 6: 28502.  PMID:  27328708

Casas MI, Falcone-Ferreyra ML, Jiang N, Mejia-Guerra MK, Rodriguez E, et al. (2016) Identification and characterization of maize salmon silks genes Involved in insecticidal maysin biosynthesis. Plant Cell 28: 1297-1309.  PMID:  27221383

Cardenas H, Arango D, Nicholas C, Duarte S, Nuovo GJ, et al. (2016) Dietary apigenin exerts immune-regulatory activity in vivo by reducing NF-kappaB activity, halting leukocyte infiltration and restoring normal metabolic function. Int J Mol Sci 17: 323.  PMID:  26938530

Grotewold E (2016) Flavonols drive plant microevolution. Nat Genet 48: 112-113.  PMID:  26813762

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Wang HZ, Yang KZ, Zou JJ, Zhu LL, Xie ZD, et al. (2015) Transcriptional regulation of PIN genes by FOUR LIPS and MYB88 during Arabidopsis root gravitropism. Nat Commun 6: 8822.  PMID:  26578169

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Yuan L, Grotewold E (2015) Metabolic engineering to enhance the value of plants as green factories. Metab Eng 27: 83-91.  PMID:  25461830

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