The computer facility is equipped with 10 student and one instructor workstation to accommodate the following courses:

  • One hour lecture per week explains and demonstrates the techniques.
  • Two hours of hands-on laboratory work in a project-like setting.
BMB 961 Dynamics and Interactions of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
Course: offered every other year (Fall 2013, 2015, etc.)
Taught by: Michael Feig, Leslie Kuhn
Contact: Michael Feig,
BMB 961 (PDF), Concepts in Protein Structure Analysis and Modeling
Taught by: Michael Feig, Michael Garavito, Leslie Kuhn, Kaillathe Padmanabhan, Honggao Yan.
Course: 2 credits, offered every other fall semester (Fall 2014, 2016, etc.).
Syllabus: Fall 2014 (PDF)
Contact: Kallaithe Padmanabhan (Pappan),
QB 826, Introduction to Quantitative Biology Techniques - Summer 2014 (listed as a Fall course)
Intensive one-week workshop.
Interdisciplinary student teams participate in morning biology lab session, afternoon computer lab sessions, and evening discussions that integrate these aspects of interdisciplinary research.
Course: 1 credit
Meets: Everyday - August 11-15, 2014
Summer (Fall) 2014: Course Syllabus
Taught by: Claire Vieille
Contact: Claire Vieille,