BMB Colloquium Series

As part of the BMB Colloquium, the department, with the generous support of contributors, hosts four endowed lectures each year that pay tribute to outstanding scientists from the department. Presenters for the Charles C. Sweeley Lecture in Biochemistry, the Nathan Edward Tolbert Lecture in Plant Biochemistry, and the William W. Wells Lecture are selected by the BMB Colloquium committee. Presenters for the biannual John A. Boezi and R. Gaurth Hansen Alumnus Award lectures are determined by the BMB Awards Committee.

Spring 2019 Colloquium Series
Thursdays 11:00am, 101 Biochemistry

Date Speaker Title Host
January 10 Andreas Matouschek, University of Texas, Austin

Deciphering the proteasomal degradation code

Heedeok Hong
January 17 Cathy Drennan, MIT

The Great (and Less Great) Metallocofactors of Biology

Bob Hausinger
January 24 Lawrence Young, Yale AMP-activated protein kinase in cardiovascular disease Quynh Duong
January 31 David Kramer, MSU In Search of Rapid and Robust Regulators of Photosynthesis in the Wild and in the Lab Erich Grotewold
February 7 BMB Trainee Seminar

Kelly Fader, Zacharewski Lab
Joel Rankin, Hausinger Lab

Amy Ralston
February 14 Lionel Christiaen, NYU Regulation of cardiopharyngeal fates in chordates Amy Ralston
February 21 Monica Dus, University of Michigan Reshaping of Feeding Behavior by a High Sugar Diet David Arnosti
February 28 Terje Dokland, University of Alabama, Birmingham Bacteriophages and the mobilization of Staphylococcus aureus pathogenicity islands—the pirates of the Caudovirales Jason Schrad
March 14 Wolfgang Busch, Salk Institute Digging Deeper: Uncovering Genetic Variants and Their Mechanisms That Govern Root Growth Polly Hsu
March 21 Alison Smith, John Innes Centre, Norwich

When darkness comes – what plants do at night

Tom Sharkey
March 28 Rui Zhao, University of Colorado — Denver

Structure and function of spliceosome

Charles Hoogstraten
April 4 MSU iGEM team TBD Michaela TerAvest
Marcos Oliveira, Sao Paulo State University
TBD Jason Schrad
April 18 Barbara Ann Halkier, University of Copenhagen TBD Robert Last

Fall 2018 Colloquium Series
Thursdays 11:00am, 101 Biochemistry

Date Speaker Title Host
AUGUST 30 Liangliang Sun, Michigan State University, Chemistry Proteomics David Arnosti
SEPTEMBER 6 Jianrong Wang, Michigan State University, CMSE Genomics/Proteomics Amy Ralston
SEPTEMBER 13 Tzumin Lee, Janelia Research Campus of HHMI Reverse Engineering the Brain David Arnosti
SEPTEMBER 20 Jeffrey Peng, University of Notre Dame Protein and Ligand Dynamics/Biomolecular NMR Charles Hoogstraten
SEPTEMBER 27 Kristin Parent, Michigan State University, BMB Tenure Talk Erich Grotewold
OCTOBER 4 Shao Thing Teoh, Lunt Lab
Peter Dornbos, LaPres Lab

Investigating sialic acid metabolism in metastatic breast cancer
The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor and Cholesterol Homeostasis: from mouse to human to mouse

Amy Ralston
OCTOBER 11 Daniel Ducat, Michigan State University Tenure Talk Erich Grotewold
OCTOBER 18 Dorothea Tholl, Virginia Tech Tepenoid Biosynthesis and Function Bjoern Hamberger
OCTOBER 25 Niall Mangan, Northwestern University Biofuel/Bacterial Compartments Michaela TerAvest
NOVEMBER 1 Jian Hu, Michigan State University Tenure Talk Erich Grotewold
NOVEMBER 8 Vanessa Phelan, University of Colorado, Denver Mass Spectrometry of Microbe Interactions Rob Quinn
NOVEMBER 15 Zhihong Wang, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia Development of Novel Allosteric Inhibitors Eric Hegg
NOVEMBER 29 Greg Voth, University of Chicago SWEELEY LECTURE: Multi-scale Modeling Alex Dickson
DECEMBER 6 Rachelle Gaudet, Harvard Membranes, transporters, channels Xiangshu Jin