BMB Colloquium Series

Fall 2017 Colloquium Series
Thursdays 11:00am, 101 Biochemistry


August 31

No Seminar  
Class Meeting



September 7

Janet Smith
University of Michigan

Deciphering the activities of enzyme domains in natural product biosynthesis Shelagh Ferguson-Miller

September 14

Jason Spence
University of Michigan

Modeling human development using insights from organoids and embryos Amy Ralston

September 21

Jeff Tabor
Rice University

Repurposing bacterial two-component systems as sensors for synthetic biology Michaela TerAvest

September 28

Scott Silverman
University of Illinois

DNA as an enzyme Charles Hoogstraten

October 5

Jin O-Uchi
Brown University

Physiological and pathophysiological role of mitochondrial calcium in the heart Quynh Duong

October 12

Xuehua Zhong
University of Wisconsin

Epigenetic regulation of genome expression, environmental and developmental interaction Min-Hao Kuo

October 19

Jeff Kuret
Ohio State University

Tau protein and Alzheimer's disease Min-Hao Kuo

October 26

Min-Hao Kuo

On fat and Alzheimer’s disease: critical issues looming over aging Erich Grotewold

November 2

Huilin Li
Van Andel Research Institute

Molecular events during the Initiation of eukaryotic DNA replication

Jin He

November 9

Arjun Krishnan

Learning to teach humans to teach machines to learn

Shelagh Ferguson-Miller

November 16

Greg Vanlerberghe
University of Toronto

A role for the alternative oxidase in photosynthesis-respiration interactions and growth Thomas Sharkey

November 23

No Seminar
Thanksgiving Holiday

--- ---

November 30

Tzumin Lee
Janelia Research Campus

Molecular mapping of brain development David Arnosti

As part of the BMB Colloquium, the department, with the generous support of contributors, hosts four endowed lectureships each year that pay tribute to outstanding scientists from the department. Presenters for the Charles C. Sweeley Lectureship in Biochemistry, the Nathan Edward Tolbert Lectureship in Plant Biochemistry, and the William W. Wells Lectureship are selected by the BMB Colloquium committee. Presenters for the biannual John A. Boezi and R. Gaurth Hansen Alumnus Award lectures are determined by the BMB Awards Committee.