BMB Colloquium Series

As part of the BMB Colloquium, the department, with the generous support of contributors, hosts four endowed lectures each year that pay tribute to outstanding scientists from the department. Presenters for the Charles C. Sweeley Lecture in Biochemistry, the Nathan Edward Tolbert Lecture in Plant Biochemistry, and the William W. Wells Lecture are selected by the BMB Colloquium committee. Presenters for the biannual John A. Boezi and R. Gaurth Hansen Alumnus Award lectures are determined by the BMB Awards Committee.

Fall 2019 Colloquium Series
Thursdays 11:00am, 101 Biochemistry

Date Speaker Title Host
8/29/2019 Marcos Sotomayor, Ohio State University Structuring and Modeling Inner-Ear Mechanotransduction Jin
9/5/2019   No seminar  
9/12/2019 Aaron Dinner, University of Chicago Using systematic computational approaches to elucidate the molecular and network dynamics underlying a circadian clock Dickson
9/19/2019 Chris Mancuso, MSU CMSE Network-guided gene classification using machine learning Hoogstraten
9/26/2019 Yuan Chen, Beckman Research Institute Ubiquitin-like Modifications as Targets for Cancer Therapy Hu
10/3/2019 Elizabeth Maher, UT Southwestern   Lunt
10/10/2019 Blake Meyers, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center The function and evolution of phased, secondary siRNAs in plant reproduction and other pathways Hsu
10/17/2019 Jie Xiao, Johns Hopkins University   Arnosti
10/24/2019 Sarah Hainer, Pittsburgh Profiling of pluripotency factors in single cells and early embryos Ralston
10/31/2019 George Mias,MSU Longitudinal Systems Medicine Grotewold
11/7/2019 Jack Gilbert, UCSD The Microbiome in global health Quinn
11/14/2019 Anna Sokac, Baylor   Ralston
11/21/2019 Joerg Boehlmann, University of British Columbia A novel anti-diabetic metabolite from plants Kerwin (Last)
12/5/2019 Doug Spitz, U of Iowa   Lunt
12/12/2019 Finals Week    

Spring 2020 Colloquium Series
Thursdays 11:00am, 101 Biochemistry

Date Speaker Title Host
1/9/2020 David Kramer, MSU    
1/16/2020 Geraldine Seydoux, Johns Hopkins   Hoogstraten
1/23/2020 Simon Gilroy, UW-Madison   Howe
1/30/2020 Dean Tantillo, UC-Davis   Hamberger
2/6/2020 Daan van Aalten, University of Dundee   Grotewold
2/13/2020 TBD    
2/20/2020 Melanie Ohi, University of Michigan   Parent
2/27/2020 Reuben Peters, Iowa State University   Lou (Last)
3/5/2020 Spring Break    
3/12/2020 Luca Scorrano, University of Padova   Duong (Bazil)
3/19/2020 Emily Balskus, Harvard   Hausinger
3/26/2020 iGEM teams, MSU   TerAvest
4/2/2020 Sheila David, UC-Davis   Hegg
4/9/2020 Justin MacCallum, University of Calgary   Dickson
4/16/2020 Banquet    
4/23/2020 Joff Silberg, Rice University   TerAvest
4/30/2020 Finals week