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BMB Fall 2020 Seminar Series

All seminars will be at 11:00 am.  Please email Ashley Parks ( for the Zoom link and password.

9/3/2020 NiCole Buchanan MSU Arnosti Epistemic Exclusion, Research Myopia, and the Diversity-Innovation Paradox: Barriers to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
9/10/2020 Ryan Hunter University of Minnesota Quinn Good bugs gone wild: “Commensal” microbiota in chronic airway disease.
9/17/2020 Stewart Graham Beaumont Hospitall/Oakland Univeristy Jones Metabolomic biomarkers of Alzheimer’s Disease
9/24/2020 Sally Horne-Badovinac University of Chicago Arnosti Going in circles gets you somewhere, signaling mechanisms that coordinate cell movements for epithelial migration
10/1/2020 Kim Seed UC Berkeley Parent Battling phages: how epidemic Vibrio cholerae defends against viral attack
10/8/2020 Michaela TerAvest MSU Tenure Talk Sustainable Biotechnologies with Electric Bacteria
10/15/2020 Ute Armbruster Max Planck Institute Lundquist Feedback regulation of photosynthesis by thylakoid proton antiport
10/22/2020 Sophia Lunt MSU Tenure Talk Deciphering Metabolic Reprogramming in Cancer
10/29/2020 Alex Dickson MSU Tenure Talk Thinking fast and slow: Insight into slow biomolecular events from short timescale simulations

11/5/2020 * Start time is 1:00

Jennifer Wisecaver Purdue Last Genomic Basis of Evolutionary Innovation
11/12/2020 Yan Bao MSU BMB Fixed Term Faculty A family of α/β hydrolases contribute to tocopherol homeostasis in Arabidopsis
11/19/2020 Gira Bhabha Skirball Inst Kim Tunnels for lipid transport across the bacterial cell envelope
12/3/2020 Dianne Newman CalTech TerAvest A colorful solution to 'breathing' through a biofilm

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