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BMB Fall 2021 Seminar Series

All seminars will start at 11:00 am.  Please email Ashley Parks (clarkas@msu.edu) for the Zoom link and password.

9/2/2021 Emily Balskus   Harvard University Bob Hausinger Deciphering the human microbiota using chemistry
9/9/2021 Bjoern Hamberger MSU Erich Grotewold Building nature-inspired chemical spaces through Plant Synthetic Biology
9/16/2021 Min-Hao Kuo MSU Erich Grotewold

Living long and happily ever after – on aging, fat, and Alzheimer’s disease

9/23/2021 Kristin Parent MSU Erich Grotewold Deciphering virus entry mechanisms: from bacteriophages to giant viruses
9/30/2021 Abhishek Singharoy Arizona State University Josh Vermaas Day of the Living Cell: Supercomputers Reveal Molecular Design Principles of Photosynthesis
10/7/2021 Virginia Lee  U of Pennsylvania Min-Hao Kuo Transmission of Misfolded Proteins in Neurodegenerative Disorders: A Common Mechanism of Disease Progression
10/14/2021 Jochen Zimmer University of Virginia Ben Orlando Molecular basis for hyaluronan biosynthesis in different kingdoms of life
10/21/2021 Alexandra Jazz Dickinson UCSD Polly Hsu Plant metabolomics and chemical genetics in root development
10/28/2021 Amy Ralston MSU Erich Grotewold Molecular regulation of stem cell progenitors in the embryo
11/4/2021 Gloria Coruzzi New York University Erich Grotewold Plant systems biology and mechanisms of gene regulation
11/11/2021 Richard Caprioli Vanderbilt University Hannah Parks Metabolism in mammalian systems with mass spec
11/18/2021 Sujith Puthiyaveetil Purdue University Peter Lundquist

Plastid proteostasis: role of light and redox-regulated protein synthesis

11/25/2021 THANKSGIVING      
12/2/2021 Jose Alonso North Carolina State U Polly Hsu Translational regulation in plant hormone signaling
12/9/2021 Daniel Wilinski U Michigan Sophia Lunt Diversification of RNA regulatory networks and the importance of an RNA modification in diabetes


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