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BMB Spring 2022 Seminar Series

All seminars will start at 11:00 am.  Please email Jessica Lawrence (jesslaw@msu.edu) for the Zoom link and password.

1/13/2022 Sophie Walters and Morteza Mahmoudi MSU, Prevention, Outreach and Education. MSU, Radiology and Precision Health David Arnosti DEI - Academic bullying: how to prevent it, and what to do if it happens
1/20/2022 Hua Lu Tulane University Jin He The good, the bad, and THE UGGLY: two stories about mutant p53’s GOF
1/27/2022 Amy Gladfelter - CANCELED UNC Chapel Hill David Arnosti

Temperature adaptation encoded in biomolecular condensates

2/3/2022 Rick Neubig MSU BMB Dept

Drug Discovery at MSU: Phenotypic Screening to (almost) Drug Candidate

2/10/21 Kadeem Gilbert  MSU Rob Quinn

Plant-Regulated Micro-Ecosystems: Pitchers and Leaves

2/17/2022 Michael Johnson University of Arizona Aiko Turmo Understanding why Copper and the Pneumococcus don’t get along
2/24/2022 Heather Bean Arizona State University Rob Quinn Developing a Breath Test for Valley Fever using GCxGC Untargeted Metabolomics
3/3/2022 John Williams City of Hope Erik Martinez-Hackert Atoms to Animals: combining MOA, single cell studies, diffraction and protein engineering to create clinically relevant biologics 
3/10/2022 SPRING BREAK      
3/17/2022 Tuli Mukhopadhyay Indiana University Kristin Parent

Virus assembly: Making, breaking, and designing virus particles

3/24/2022 Ann Miller University of Michigan Amy Ralston Maintenance and remodeling of epithelial cell-cell junctions during cell shape changes
3/31/2022 iGEM MSU Michaela TerAvest Team project pitches
4/7/2022 Kaushik Ragunathan University of Michigan Tommy Vo Finding stability amidst chaos: How dynamic chromatin interactions produce heritable epigenetic states 
4/14/2022 Stephanie Hicks Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Stephanie Hickey Scalable statistical methods and software for single-cell data science
4/21/2022 Luke Thompson NOAA Rob Quinn

Environmental DNA for the study of ocean biodiversity from microbes to vertebrates

4/28/2022 Natalie Strynadka  University of British Columbia Kelly Kim Structure guided analysis of bacterial secretion systems essential to pathogenicity


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