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Science at the Edge Spring 2020 Seminar Series


Traditionally distinct scientific disciplines are merging to create new opportunities. Share the excitement and challenge through seminars and discussions with nationally recognized pioneers in Science at the Edge!

Science at the Edge seminars are presented at 11:30am on Fridays in 1400 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building, unless noted otherwise.

Refreshments are served at 11:15am before Friday seminars.

A poster of this schedule is available (PDF format).

Date Speaker Department Institution Title

January 10

Collin Stultz Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computational Biophysics and Machine Learning in Medicine: Applications from the Molecule to the Patient

January 24

Jennifer Mulle  Human Genetics Emory University School of Medicine Chromosome, Interrupted: The 3q29 Interval and Risk for Neuropsychiatric Illness
February 7 Caitlin Davis  Chemistry  Yale University Protein Dynamics:  Connecting in Vitro, in Cell, and in Vivo
February 28 Huan Lei Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering Michigan State University Data-Driven Modeling of Multiscale Multiphysics Systems Beyond Equilibrium
March 13 Yuri Lyubchenko Pharmaceutical Sciences  University of Nebraska Medical Center Molecular Mechanisms of Proteins Self-Assembly in Aggregates by the On Surface Catalysis Pathway
March 20 Hoi Sung Chung   National Institutes of Health Single molecule FRET Studies of Binding and Oligomerization of Disordered Proteins
March 27 Patrick Alford  Biomedical Engineering  University of Minnesota Single-Cell Smooth Muscle Mechanics:  Toward Unlocking the Mechanisms of Vascular Mechanobiology  
April 3 Brian Kelch Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology University of Massachusetts Medical School Biological Micromachines:  Motors, Rings, Springs and Things
April 10 Emilia Huerta-Sanchez Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Brown University  On the Number and the Timing of Introgression Events in Humans
April 17 Katherine Yanhang Zhang  Biomedical Engineering  Boston University  Structural and Mechanical Inhomogeneities in Arterial Extracellular Matrix:  Implication for Physiology and Disease

Map to the Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building

Building Accessibility Information

    Seminar Organizers

Interdisciplinary Physics Seminars:
Lisa Lapidus, Physics & Astronomy (lapidus@msu.edu)
Ruby Ghosh, Physics & Astronomy (ghosh@msu.edu)

Engineering Seminars:
Alexandra Zevalkink, Materials Science and Engineering (alexzev@msu.edu)
Sara Roccabianca, Mechanical Engineering (roccabis@msu.edu)

Quantitative Biology / Gene Expression in Development & Disease Seminars:
Alex Dickson, Quantitative Biology / Gene Expression in Development & Disease (alexrd@msu.edu)
George Mias, Quantitative Biology / Gene Expression in Development & Disease (gmias@msu.edu)

To add or remove yourself from the Science at the Edge announcement mailing list, visit http://list.msu.edu/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=sci-at-the-edge&A=1 and enter your name and email information.