The (3M) Interest Group

Metabolism, Membranes, and Metalloenzymology

The Metabolism, Membranes, and Metalloenzymology, the (3M) Interest Group, serves as a forum for graduate students, postdocs, and faculty to obtain feedback on their 3M-related projects and/or to highlight exciting recent publications in this area. Everyone is welcome!

Contact Dr. Eric L. Hegg at 353-7120 to sign up to give a presentation, for questions, or other concerns related to this activity.

Fall 2018 Schedule - Wednesdays at 4:00 PM, Location: iCER Seminar Room, 1455-A Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building (BPS).

Date Lab Presenter Topic
September 5 Parent Sundharraman Subramanian Functional Regulators of Flagellar Rotation in Bacillus subtilis
September 19 Hausinger Joel Rankin Elucidating the Mechanisms of Lactate Racemase and Nickel Pincer Cofactor Synthesis
October 3 Proshlyakov Yan Levitsky Ceramide-Induced Changes in Mitochondrial Respiration
October 17 Burton Zach Burton Evolution of cloverleaf tRNA and sectoring of the genetic code
October 31 TerAvest Kody Duhl Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 co-utilizes sodium- and proton-coupled NADH dehydrogenases during both aerobic respiration and electrode reduction
November 14 Lunt Lei Yu Pyruvate Kinase Expression in Pancreatic Cancer
November 28 Kroos Daniel Parrell ATPs role in Regulated Intramembrance Proteolysis of Pro-σK by SpoIVFB during Bacillus subtilis sporulation
December 12 Hammer Josh Lensmire Deciphering the mechanisms driving sulfur acquisition by Staphylococcus aureus during infection