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BMB Repair Shop

Neil Bowlby is now offering repair services.

Location: Room 15A Biochemistry
Phone: (517) 353-2469
email: bowlby@msu.edu
Hours: Mon - Fri mornings or by appointment

Services offered:
- Repair/refurbish most lab equipment
  (Microfuges, stir plates, shakers/rotators, water baths, etc.)
- Brush replacement on RC5 centrifuges
  (Mechanical repairs including motor/gyrodrive bearing replacement)
- Custom fabrication of lab apparatus
  (wood, metal, plastic,  >10 yrs. experience as precision machinist)
- Refill/recharge black HP printer toner
  (Many HP cartridges can be refilled at a fraction of the cost of new)
- Pipet calibration/repair - most brands

Rates: $60/hr for BMB labs (parts extra)
            $75/hr outside BMB (parts extra)

Also available: several items of refurbished lab equipment,
including microcentrifuges, benchtop-shaking platforms,
and spectrophotometers, with more to come.

Stop by during business hours, email or call for appointment or
fill out and return "Service Request" form in person or by email