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Support Services

Kaillathe Padmanabhan (Pappan) ( padmanab@msu.edu ), is happy to assist with:

  • Providing technical help with computers, peripherals and software to faculty, staff and students.  This also includes our faculty who are housed in other buildings.  
  • With so many options available these days to purchase computer systems and peripherals, I help the faculty and staff with purchase of computers, software and other technology related equipments.
  • Troubleshoot network related problems within the building.
  • Advise and help students and faculty on all aspects of macromolecular structures and modeling in their research in BMB and other departments on campus.
  • Assist with structural biology courses.
  • Maintenance and upgrade of systems and scientific software on the PC's and Linux workstations in the computer facility.  This facility is extensively used for teaching structural biology courses.
  • Assist with printing scientific posters on the large format printer.  This service is provided for the entire campus.
  • Anyone in the department should feel free to ask me for whatever help they need.

Support Services

Macromolecular Computer Facility Manager:

Kaillathe (Pappan) Padmanabhan, PhD
(517) 353-0814