Biochemistry is a challenging and fascinating field that integrates numerical analysis, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, physical chemistry, biology, molecular genetics, DNA and protein sequence analysis, structural biology, bioinformatics, genomics and computer-based molecular modeling.

To become a talented and successful biochemist, therefore, requires that you acquire and accumulate many skills. Algebra and calculus prepare a student for the quantitative techniques used in inorganic chemistry, chemical quantitative analysis, calculus-based physics and physical chemistry. Organic chemistry provides the tools for understanding enzymatic reactions, which are the foundation of biochemistry.

Biochemists wish to describe living systems in terms of molecular interactions, molecular structures and dynamic functions of macromolecules. They wish to incorporate these detailed studies into a broader biological context to fully rationalize molecular mechanisms in terms of the health and function of the intact living organism. In this way, biochemical and molecular research can be used as instruments for improving human health and advancing agriculture.

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