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Course Description

Comprehensive Biochemistry Online Course

This is an upper-level course designed to provide a firm foundation in biochemistry in one semester. Topics include: the structure and function of major biomolecules and the organization and regulation of major metabolic pathways. Special attention is paid to eukaryotic systems and the biochemical basis of human disease.

This four-credit course is especially appropriate for those students preparing for careers in human and veterinary medicine and the allied health professions, and fulfills the biochemistry requirements of many majors at Michigan State University.

It does not meet the requirements for BMB and BMB/Biotechnology majors.

Semester(s) offered: Summer, Fall, and Spring
Credits: 4
Restrictions: Not open to students in the Biochemistry or Biochemistry/Biotechnology major. Not open to students with credit in BMB 461.

Prerequisite: CEM 252 or CEM 352 (Organic Chemistry II)