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Student Feedback

"As a veterinary student, I've learned that an understanding of basic biochemistry has been required for almost all of my advanced courses. Taking BMB online was one of the best class selections I made during undergrad. The lectures were posted online and I could watch them as often as I needed to, review complex ideas, and catch details I would have missed in a live lecture. Taking this version of BMB 401 helped me learn biochemistry more completely than I would have in a typical course, this background has been very useful throughout the rest of my studies!"
—Chelsea Render
MSU CVM Class of 2013

"It was very helpful that I was able to take the course while on study abroad in China, and I found that you were extremely accommodating in sending exams to my proctor there and working with my situation."
—Ashwin K. Sabbani

"Dr. Foley's online BMB 401 course is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive look into the world of biochemistry. The video lectures provide a class like experience that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, ideal for students who want flexibility in their schedules. I still use much of what I've learned from Dr. Foley in my graduate level courses."
—Kyle Campion
Graduate Student
Michigan College of Optometry
BS Human Biology
Michigan State University 2009

"I have a few comments to make about BMB 401. First of all it was a wonderful class. Somehow the way it was taught and presented made sense. Taking an online class in the summer has some great advantages. It allowed me to be able to work more hours and do coursework on my own time. I find I learn better when I am given materials and have the freedom to explore how I can best master these materials rather than being lectured to and forced into taking notes. The text for this class was very helpful and I must say that doing the practice problems was a big part of my success in the course.
—Michelle Conway

"I found BMB 401 to be an excellent course that was presented in manner that allowed me to stay home (4 hours from campus) and still earn a 4.0. Dr. Foley is an excellent instructor and any student that stays on top of the material should do well in this course."
—Ashley Kala
MSU CVM 2012
Nutrena Student Ambassador

"To put it plainly this course has helped me dramatically in my job. I currently work for the Food and Drug Administration as an Investigator. During my first year on the job I have had to use my education using Biochemistry on countless occasions (i.e. nanotechnology applications, pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicine). This course is exceptional in teaching the basics for genetics and pharmaceutical applications. However, I guess everything is relative to the eye of the beholder, but I think students can use this course to advance their train of thought in the same way as me."
—Cody D. Rickman

"I felt the course was convenient because I was able to work during the day and watch lectures when it was convenient for me!"
—Andrea Christensen

"Replaying lectures over and over, and being able to adjust the speed was very helpful when mastering the material."
—Leigh Gasworth

"Having the lectures available at all times allowed me to watch them and study when I had free time; it's how I managed to take classes and have an internship at the same time."
—Sarah Jones