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BMB 495

Undergraduate Seminar

Instructor and studentsGeneral Information:

BMB 495: Undergraduate Seminar - offered Spring of every year.
Credits: 2
Prerequisite: BMB 462 or concurrently.
Restrictions: Open only to Biochemistry or Biochemistry/Biotechnology majors.
Description: This course is designed to acquaint senior Biochemistry majors with a range of topics in modern biochemistry research, and with the thought processes characteristic of research in our discipline.

Instructor and studentsA major objective is to familiarize students with the scientific method: the process of posing a scientific hypothesis, developing methods or experiments to test the hypothesis, interpreting the results of the experiments, and placing those results in context of current knowledge in the field.

The second major objective is to give the student experience in clear and compelling scientific writing and speech.

Aspects to consider as we discuss each topic:

  • What is overall importance of this topic in biochemistry and technology?
  • What are the pioneering discoveries, and the most recent discoveries, in this area?
  • What ethical or political issues are raised by research in this area?