Summer University Research Forum Participants

Beddows poster
T. Ian Beddows
Bell poster
Lestella Bell
Fernandez poster
Nicholas Fernandez
Joseph poster
Hildy Joseph
Kohler poster
Garrertt Kohler
Palasuberniam poster
Pratheeba Palasuberniam
Pokorzynski poster
Nicholas Pokorzynski
Pushel poster
Irena Pushel
Toma poster
Edmond Toma


Name Type Title Mentor(s)
Archie Brown II Poster Construction of biomolecular surfaces using partial differential equations Wei
Nicholas Fernandez Poster Optimizing the monolignol biosynthetic pathway for production of coniferyl ferulate in Arabidopsis Wilkerson
Glenn Galle Poster Inhibition of dxr enzyme involved in the mep pathway by isopentenyl diphosphate Banerjee, Sharkey
Hildy Joseph Poster The possibility of second messenger light response in cyanobacteria Agostoni, Montgomery, Waters
Garrett Kohler Poster TDP-43 expression in palmitic acid-induced astrocyte cells Chan, Liu
Jonathan Montgomery Poster Characterization of the physiological and environmental requirements for isoprene-mediated thermotolerance Harvey
Irina Pushel Poster Understanding gene expression through modeling in drosophila melanogaster Arnosti
Patrick Ropp Poster Expression of a ferulate monolignol transferase in arabidopsis and cloning of a cinnamoylcoenzyme A reductase rnai construct Wilkerson
Benjamin Taylor Poster Understanding gene expression through modeling in drosophila melanogaster Arnosti
Edmond Toma Poster Site directed mutagenesis Yan
Caroline Vallelian Poster Ratios of cyclic electron flow around photosystem i to linear electron flow in vitro in c3 and C4 species Kramer
Mandi Pena Oral Stable expression of tomoregulin in chinese hamster ovary expression system Martinez-Hackert, Tappenden
Irina Pushel Oral Thermodynamic modeling of rhomboid expression in drosophila melanogaster Arnosti
Eva Marie Quijano-Cardé Oral Hyperoxia in newborn mice inhibits hif1α preventing normal lung development LaPres
Omar Taher Oral The role of hif-1alpha in communication between the dendritic cells and epithelium of the lung LaPres
Alexander Woods Oral Solutions that affect QPCR in an efficient and productive way Floer