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The NatSci-DEI Website  is a great place to find a comprehensive list of MSU and external DEI related information for students, faculty and staff.  Also available are the findings from the MSU Climate Survey conducted in 2019. A summary report was presented to the BMB faculty and staff in early 2021. The BMB DEI Committee members are identifying how to focus departmental efforts on improving the Climate and Culture in BMB.

BMB formed an ad-hoc DEI Committee in spring 2020 to create a more inclusive and welcoming climate within the department and address issues of recruitment and retention. We are also working on tracking DEI demographics and improving Career-Life Balance resources to better serve our department members.

Are you a STEM graduate student of color looking for an opportunity to share experiences and receive support from fellow BIPOC graduate students? Please check out Voices of Color for exciting events and opportunities! 


BMB DEI Committee Meeting Minutes

BMB Community Standards

Colorblindness as ideology (ASBMB Today - Aug 1, 2018) details how good intentions derail diversity in STEM education.
Building Inclusive Communities is an initiative to promote civility, dignity, respect, understanding and empathy so that we can be different together. 

MSU Presidential Strategic Plan - DEI 2021 The overarching aim of the MSU Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee Report and Plan is to make diversity, equity and inclusion central to MSU’s excellence.

Defining and Identifying Workplace Bullying is a presentation provided by the MSU WorkLife Office.