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Override Request/Special Permissions Form

Click to access the Biochemistry Override Request Form  (MSU NetID and password required)

This form is only to be used for courses managed by the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) department.  (Excluding BMB 490 and BMB 499.  For those courses, please submit the appropriate application form(s) found on this page:  https://bmb.natsci.msu.edu/undergraduate/undergrad-grad-course-descriptions/bmb-490-and-bmb-499.aspx)

IMPORTANT:  Please be aware that we can NOT "override" your assigned enrollment appointment access date.  While we can process an override request ahead of that date, you would still need to enroll yourself, to officially secure a spot, on or after your enrollment appointment date comes around.  The override does not save spots, it only grants permission to enroll.   

For questions and assistance with using the override form, please contact Mary Villarreal, via email, by clicking here. Overrides are processed between the hours of 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday.

If you need an override for a Biological Sciences (BS) Department Course (courses such as BS 161, 171, etc...) click here for the Biological Sciences course override form .  The Biological Sciences department is completely separate from the Biochemistry department and each department handles their own overrides/permissions.


OVERRIDE/SPECIAL PERMISSIONS INFORMATION -   PLEASE READ CAREFULLY                                                             

  • ALL Lifelong Education "Guest" students must submit an override request for any courses that they want to enroll in.  We do not have access to your prior coursework so in the comments area on the form, please indicate what prerequisite courses you've taken from other institutions, that you believe would fulfill the requirements for the MSU courses.   You would need to indicate the course number, name, and the school it was taken at. (ex. CHEM 252 - Organic Chemistry II from ABC college).  Not including this information up front, will delay your override request being processed.  (IMPORTANT:  Lifelong Education Students are held to the same prerequisite requirements as MSU degree pursuing students)
  • An "Enrollment Requisites are not met" error message may mean that you have not fulfilled the prerequisite requirement(s) (or the computer cannot not identify a prerequisite you took at another institution).  To see what prerequisites are required, visit this site:  https://reg.msu.edu/Courses/Search.aspx.  We normally do not process overrides to waive prerequisite courses so if you have an extenuating circumstance that you believe warrants an exception, you must contact the course instructor for approval.  

  • You'll need to submit a separate request for each course that you need an override for.  If you want an override/permission for multiple sections of the same course, you may indicate that on the form.

  • If you want to take a graduate level course as an undergraduate student or vis a versa, in addition to submitting the override form, you must contact the course instructor since their approval is required.

  • If a course is "full", we are usually not able to do overrides, so you'd need to just add yourself to the wait list.

  • If you have holds on your account, those must be dealt with prior to receiving an override and enrolling into a course.