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BMB Research Facilities

Biochemistry Research Store

The Biochemistry Research Store is located in Room 110 Biochemistry Building. 
Hours of operation:

Cryo EM Facility

Cryo-electron microscopy is becoming mainstream for studying molecular details such as the architecture of cells, viruses as well as nucleic acids, small molecules, and protein assemblies. Our facility is equipped with a Thermo Scientific Arctica, which is a 200kV FEG transmission electron microscope used for delivering high-resolution 3D characterization of biological samples.

Computer Graphics Facility

The Macromolecular Computing Facility in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology serves researchers within the department as well the larger MSU scientific community. Located Room 202 Biochemistry Building

Associated Facilities
  1. Research Technology Support Facility (Bioinformatics, Flow Cytometry Facility, Genomics, Imaging-IVIS, Mass Spectrometry & Metabolomics Core, Proteomics, MSU Growth Chamber Facility
  2. MSU 900 MHz NMR Facility
  3. X-ray Crystallography