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Poster Printing

General Purpose Printing

  • B & W laser printers - Two-sided printing available
  • Color laser printer

Poster Printing

poster printer photo

BMB staff will print posters for MSU affiliated faculty and students. A universtiy account number is required for charges. The cost is $60 for glossy paper and $90 for fabric. You will be charged for the printing of every poster except where there is a malfunction of the printer, so please do carefully proof-reading before submitting your file.


  • The maximum poster paper roll width is 42".
  • Posters can be longer in the second dimension, however Powerpoint limits the length to 52". For posters in Powerpoint longer that 52", set the dimensions to 21" x 40" for a workaround.
  • Posters created with the Mac version of Powerpoint must be converted to pdf.
  • Please submit your file to Pappan 24-hours in advance.