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How do I apply to MSU and enroll in a course as a guest (Lifelong Education) student?

To enroll in courses as a Lifelong Education "Guest" Student, you must first apply and be accepted to MSU. For information about applying as a guest, please visit this page:  http://reg.msu.edu/ROInfo/EnrReg/LifeLongEducation.aspx

Once you have been accepted to MSU and have received your UserID (for logging-in to MSU systems) and your student PID # (starts with an "A" and then 8-digits), you would then need to complete the Biochemistry course override request form found here: https://bmb.natsci.msu.edu/undergraduate/override-request-special-permissions-form/ (Please note that this form is only to be used to enroll in BMB (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) department courses.  It is not valid for courses outside of the Biochemistry department.)

(IMPORTANT:  Please do not submit the override request form until the day you are eligible to begin enrolling as we are not able to reserve spots ahead of time.  You can find your enrollment date/time by logging-in to your Student Information Account (StuInfo) and clicking on the Enrollment Access/Appointment link at the main menu.)

Because we do not have access to your prior course records, you'll need to indicate in the comments section (on the override form), what courses you've taken that would fulfill the prerequisite requirements for the course you want to take here at MSU.  For example, if the course you want to take requires two semesters of organic chemistry as prerequisites, you would need to indicate what two organic chemistry courses that you've had and from what institutions. (ie.  CEM 251 and CEM 252 from Lansing Community College).  Your override will not be processed unless we have this information.

(To see what prerequisites are required for Biochemistry department courses and to see descriptions of the prerequisites, please visit these pages:

For questions about the course and how it is administered, it is always best to contact the course coordinator/instructor.  You can find out who is teaching a course by visiting the MSU schedule of courses page: https://student.msu.edu/search (To find their contact information, use the MSU directory option: https://search.msu.edu/people/index.php)

For billing questions relating to being a guest student, please visit the student accounts website found here: http://www.ctlr.msu.edu/COStudentAccounts/ or contact their office directly, at 800-775-4323.