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John A. Boezi Memorial Alumnus Award

The establishment of an award, given annually in his memory, to a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. recipient from this Department who has gone on to a distinguished career that reflects the qualities personified by John Boezi.

Dr. Debra Thompson Dr. Debra Thompson

Award Year: 2020
MSU BMB Degree: 1984

Dr. Rodrigo Gutierrez Dr. Rodrigo Gutierrez

Award Year: 2018
MSU BMB Degree: 2003

Dr. Rebecca Dutch Dr. Rebecca Dutch

Award Year: 2016
MSU BMB Degree: 1986

Dr. John D. Burczak Dr. John D. Burczak Award Year: 2015
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1984
Dr. Richard W. Wozniak Dr. Richard W. Wozniak

Award Year: 2014
MSU BMB degree: B.S. 1982

Dr. Beth Garvy Dr. Beth Garvy

Award Year: 2012
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1991

Dr. John Pierce Dr. John Pierce

Award Year: 2010
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1980

Dr. Michael Washburn Dr. Michael Washburn

Award Year: 2008
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1998

Dr. Ming Tien Dr. Ming Tien

Award Year: 2007
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1981

Dr. Andrew D. Ellington Dr. Andrew D. Ellington

Award Year: 2006
MSU BMB degree: B.S. 1981

Dr. David Hart Dr. David Hart

Award Year: 2005
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1969

Dr. Paul Rosevear Dr. Paul Rosevear

Award Year: 2004
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1980

Dr. Marcia Kieliszewski Dr. Marcia Kieliszewski

Award Year: 2003
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1989

Dr. John Blenis Dr. John Blenis

Award Year: 2002
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1983

Dr. Anthony Serianni Dr. Anthony Serianni

Award Year: 2001
MSU BMB degree: 1980

Dr. Sally Camper Dr. Sally Camper

Award Year: 2000
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1983

Dr. Peter Steck Dr. Peter Steck

Award Year: 1999
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1981

Dr. Ann Aust Dr. Ann Aust

Award Year: 1998
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1975

Dr. Arlyn Garcia-Perez Dr. Arlyn Garcia-Perez

Award Year: 1997
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1984

Dr. Phil Felgner Dr. Phil Felgner

Award Year: 1996
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1978