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Dual-Degree Ph.D. Programs

The BMB Department encourages interdisciplinary research to promote synergistic interactions between Biochemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Math, Chemistry, and other physical/quantitative disciplines at MSU. To fill this need, we have initiated dual PhD training programs in Biochemistry and Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics, and Biochemistry and Computer Science. dual Ph.D. degrees with Math are approved on a case by case basis. Students will be immersed in two languages and cultures in performing research at the interface between these disciplines. A primary advisor in Biochemistry and a research advisor in the secondary department mentor each student in his interdisciplinary Ph.D. project; dual Ph.D. degrees with Biochemistry as the secondary area are also possible. See the   Guidelines for Interdisciplinary PhD Programs (PDF) for details. Furthermore, a dual degree in Biochemistry and Quantitative Biology is available (see Quantitative Biology Modeling Initiative for more information).