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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the average graduation time?
A: During the first year in the BMS Program, all students gain research experience under a laboratory rotation system that complements the formal course work. These rotations enable the student to gain first - hand experience in the laboratories of several faculty members, providing the basis for an informed choice of a major professor and a specific degree program at the end of the first year. Students initiating a research project can usually complete the requirements for the Ph.D. degree in about five years.

Q: What classes are required?
A: See Course of Study link

Q: I am interested in joining BMB, but I selected a different program. Whom do I contact?
A: BMB at bmsgrad@msu.edu

Q: What are the MSU Biochemistry and Molecular Biology GRE codes?
A: GRE Institution code is 1465 and the GRE Department code is 0202.

Q: What are the MSU Biochemistry and Molecular Biology TOEFL codes?
A: TOEFL Institution code is 1465 and the TOEFL Department code is 34.

Q: Does the department offer funding for doctoral students?
A: The department provides financial support, as well as tuition and health insurance for all students admitted into our doctoral program.

Q: How many students typically join Biochemistry and Molecular Biology?
A: 10-12 students per year, both domestic and international.