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John A. Boezi Memorial Alumnus Award

The establishment of an award, given annually in his memory, to a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. recipient from this Department who has gone on to a distinguished career that reflects the qualities personified by John Boezi.

Dr. Friedhelm Schroeder

Award Year: 1995
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1973

Sherwood R. Casjens Award Year: 1994
MSU BMB degree: M.S. 1967
Dr. A. Stephen Dahms

Award Year: 1993
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1969

Dr. Howard C. Towle

Award Year: 1992
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1974

Dr. Raymond J. Dingledine

Award Year: 1991
MSU BMB degree: B.S. 1971

Dr. George M. Stancel

Award Year: 1990
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1970

Dr. Ronald C. Desrosiers

Award Year: 1989
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1975

Dr. Douglas D. Randall

Award Year: 1988
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1970

Dr. Lawrence B. Dumas

Award Year: 1987
MSU BMB degree: B.S. 1963

Dr. George H. Lorimer

Award Year: 1986
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1972

Dr. John A. Gerlt

Award Year: 1985
MSU BMB degree: B.S. 1969

Dr. Allen T. Phillips

Award Year: 1984
MSU BMB degree: Ph.D. 1964

Dr. Donald M. Carlson

Award Year: 1983
MSU BMB degree: 1961